Carville: Media’s Afghanistan Coverage ‘Hysterical and Stupid’

Carville: Media’s Afghanistan Coverage ‘Hysterical and Stupid’

August 27, 2021

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour, veteran Democrat strategist James Carville downplayed his Party’s catastrophic mishandling of our Afghanistan exit by blaming the media’s “hysterical and stupid” coverage.

“There’s no elegant way to lose a war,” Carville noted, although former President Trump had an elegant plan for exiting the country — if only the Biden administration hadn’t abandoned it.

“We lost this war 15 years ago,” the crank Carville continued. “All Joe Biden’s doing is just telling us what time it is. And the hysterical and stupid coverage of the mainstream press has been awful. Just read New York magazine or Josh Marshall of Talking Points.” Apparently Carville thinks the media should have just covered for Biden instead of condemning him for the Afghan debacle.

“[I]t looks bad. The country looks bad. When you lose a war, you don’t look good. This war was lost a long time ago. And Joe Biden had nothing to do with it. He wanted us out before that,” Carville lied.

Nobody’s buying Carville’s lies or Biden’s excuses. Biden and the Democrat Party own this foreign policy disaster, and the world knows it.

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