Carville: ‘I’m Petrified,’ ‘Not Optimistic’ About the Midterms

Carville: ‘I’m Petrified,’ ‘Not Optimistic’ About the Midterms

July 4, 2022

Sunday on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation, failed Democrat strategist James Carville confessed that he is “petrified” and “mortified” for his Party heading into the midterms, declaring that “if this country does not have a voter intervention,” then he was “not optimistic about its future.”

“I am not a voice of calm. I’m petrified,” the cadaverous Carville told race-hustling host Al Sharpton. “And I will echo what my friend Congressman [James] Clyburn said — if this country does not have voter intervention, I am not optimistic about its future.”

He continued: “And if people, and particularly young people, if they care any about this country — and as you know; you were once a young person one time on the forefront of the civil rights movement — if they don’t get a hold of this and do something, I am mortified. And I wholly endorse the Clyburn strategy of voter intervention, but I am not a voice of confidence at all. I am very afraid right now.”

He should be. The Democrats have shown themselves to be the Party of skyrocketing inflation, record gas prices, food shortages, supply chain issues, open borders, gender ideology aimed at children, Critical Race Theory indoctrination in schools, defunding the police, surging crime, infanticide, cancel culture, mob violence, widespread voter fraud, totalitarian mask-and-vaccine mandates, and the eradication of the middle-class, among other insanity. Americans have had enough, and the midterms are going to demonstrate that.

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