Carville: ‘Idiot’ Right Criticized Biden for Using Notes in Presser

Carville: ‘Idiot’ Right Criticized Biden for Using Notes in Presser

March 26, 2021

Thursday on MSNBC’s The Beat, former Bill Clinton adviser James Carville called the conservative website Daily Caller “idiots” for criticizing President Joe Biden for relying heavily on note cards at his recent press conference.

“I actually think the president was having fun today,” Carville said. “When he took that jab at the former president, and he talked about having been in the Senate for 120 years, I said to myself, ‘It was 115, as I remember it,’ but I think he was having a good time.

“There’s this idiot site, The Daily Caller, that criticized him because he was referring to notes. What are you doing? Are you taking a Bar exam? He can refer to notes. That’s the best they could come up with, that he was using notes? I think president Biden was enjoying himself today. I thought he did fine. Better than fine.”

Carville knows full well that the criticism was because a President who literally reads from note cards about important issues seems not only ill-prepared but mentally questionable. It hardly inspires confidence in a leader of the Free World whose handlers have kept him out of the public eye precisely because he is clearly incapable, mentally and physically, of fulfilling the duties of office. Americans don’t care about whether or not Biden was “having fun” — they want him to demonstrate that he’s playing with a full deck, not a deck of crib notes.

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