Carville: ‘Hypersonic Weird’ Repub Party Has to Be Stopped

Carville: ‘Hypersonic Weird’ Repub Party Has to Be Stopped

May 18, 2022

Tuesday on MSNBC’s The Beat, perpetually incorrect Democrat strategist James Carville declared without a hint of self-awareness that Republicans had become “hypersonic weird” and had to be stopped.

Carville said, “My thoughts go back to less than a month ago when I was on the show, and we talked about how weird the Republican Party has become. It’s now hypersonic weird. We’ve gone through this horrific leak of a Supreme Court decision. We’ve actually seen over 25% of the House Republican caucus side with a hostile foreign power, namely Russia, and against Ukraine. We’ve seen the replacement theory, which you know as well as anybody that this is a horrific anti-Semite racist thing that’s been around historically forever, come to its enviable fruition and will continue the do this.”

He added, “The only way, the only way to stop this is at the ballot box. You’re not going to stop it by going and wasting your time demonstrating in front of Justice Kavanaugh or Senator Collins’ house. What a waste of time… The whole future of the country is going to be decided in November. The faster we understand that, the better off we’re going to be.”

The party that has gone all in on the race essentialism of Critical Race Theory, the anti-science lunacy of gender ideology, infanticide, the Orwellian control of information, FBI investigations of parents concerned about school indoctrination, the bankruptcy of the fossil fuel industry, campaigns to eradicate “whiteness,” the defunding of law enforcement, and the complete collapse of our southern border, is now trying to paint Republicans as “weird.” Great strategy, James. Keep it up and see how that works for your side in November.

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