Carville: GOP is Committing ‘Political Suicide’ Over Speaker

Carville: GOP is Committing ‘Political Suicide’ Over Speaker

January 4, 2023

Tuesday on MSNBC’s The Beat, Democrat strategist and cadaverous crank James Carville claimed that grievance-obsessed Republicans are committing “political suicide” by refusing to vote for Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for House Speaker.

Carville said, “There was a lot of speculation of what the post-Trump Republican Party would look like. We got our answer today. Welcome to the post-Trump Republican Party.”

He continued, “It’s really stunning because the Republican Party has traditionally been a party of honor, and you’re supposed to throw the grenade after you pull the pin. They pulled the pin and passed the grenade around.”

He added, “I don’t have a great explanation for it because it doesn’t make any sense. It’s politically — it’s kind of some version of political suicide, and I don’t think they care.”

Carville concluded, “If you remember, they didn’t have a platform in 2020. But most of my life they were for lower taxes, less regulation, and strong national defense. It was kind of a fallback position. There’s no policy aspiration that they’re looking for. It’s all grievance. It’s all, ‘You did this to me. You didn’t do that.’ Again, I can’t help but give you the contrast between when the Democrats had a slim majority and what we’re seeing today.”

Whatever one wants to say about Republicans, the notion that they are the party of grievance is pure Democrat projection. Carville hasn’t been right about anything in living memory, and this time is no different.

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