Carville: ‘Donald Trump in My Opinion Is a Career Criminal’

Carville: ‘Donald Trump in My Opinion Is a Career Criminal’

January 18, 2021

Sunday on MSNBC’s Weekends, former lead strategist for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign James Carville called President Trump a “career criminal.”

“The suggestion that President-elect Biden pardons Donald Trump, I would leave the Democratic Party and so would tens of millions of other people if there’s no accountability here,” Carville said. “Look, when he becomes president, he’s got to put his agenda out and has to work on that, but the other people, we’ve got to light some lights here. No hint of Trump being pardoned would be a catastrophe of the first order…

“Donald Trump, in my opinion, is a career criminal, and what he does is commit crimes, and I’m sure — look what’s going on,” the propagandist continued inarticulately. “Read the paper today, and — and we don’t know that they are paying Trump, but this is what he has done, and anybody that pardons him or thinks of pardoning him. Nixon is a different situation. He did some bad things. I do not believe that Richard Nixon was a career criminal. He lied and okayed crimes in his own interest. I think Trump is an entirely different case. I think there would be an eruption in this country to the likes that you can’t imagine.”

Indeed there would be — an eruption from the rabidly violent, anti-Trump hysterics among the Democrat Party.

“I don’t think President-elect Biden has any intention of pardoning him, and not only do I hope they don’t pardon him, I hope the new attorney general finds… crimes that are committed that they indict him,” the vicious Carville concluded.

The Democrats have done nothing for four years but investigate Trump and have come up empty-handed. He has committed no crimes, but leftists are determined to prosecute him for something even if they have to invent it. That’s what totalitarians do to their political opponents.

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