Carville: Democrats ‘Too Stupid’ to Attack Trump Successfully

Carville: Democrats ‘Too Stupid’ to Attack Trump Successfully

February 10, 2020

Saturday on MSNBC, former Bill Clinton strategist James Carville declared the Democratic Party “too stupid” to attack President Trump successfully.

“The Republicans laugh at us because they ran through every issue that people don’t like from giving tax breaks to rich people to ignoring climate,” Carville said. “He went to Davos, Donald Trump went to Davos and said he wanted to cut Medicare, and where’s the discussion about this? But all I hear from — ‘Oh, he’s so powerful.’ Why don’t we go out there? Why don’t they cover that he went to Davos to talk to all of these global elites, and after he gave them all trillion dollars tax cuts, he said, ‘I’m going to get the money by cutting Medicare for people back in the United States’?

“And the Democratic Party is too stupid to say anything about it. And the press is so worried about the horse race that they don’t even report it.”

Carville also complained recently, and rightly, that Dem candidates sound too crazy and radical to win over Middle American voters.

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