Carville: ‘Confused’ DeSantis Can’t Play in Trump’s League

Carville: ‘Confused’ DeSantis Can’t Play in Trump’s League

March 24, 2023

Thursday on MSNBC’s The Beat, cadaverous Democrat strategist James Carville said that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is a “confused guy” who is not in former President Trump’s league.

While discussing a potential Trump indictment, anchor Ari Melber asked, “My last question for you is, do you see DeSantis and other folks using this more, or is that too dicey for them because it cuts both ways?”

Carville replied, “You know, DeSantis proves the wisdom of Mike Tyson. Everybody’s got a plan until you hit him in the mouth. That guy, he doesn’t know whether to wind his rear or scratch his watch. And he tried to play in the league that he can’t play in, and that’s pretty evident.”

He continued, “I mean, he’s a confused guy, and, you know, Trump hit him in the mouth, and he lost his plan. He just went totally off-key. So, my hat’s off to Iron Mike.”

Melber said, “It is a good Tyson quote, and it sounds like you’re not impressed that DeSantis is really up there the way he’s been built up, and we haven’t seen him in national settings and long-form interviews and debates, so we shall see.”

The subtext of this media conversation and many others like it is that the Left sees DeSantis as far more of a threat than Trump, which is why they tout the latter’s attacks on the former and try to make DeSantis seem like a non-starter.

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