Carville: Biden Was ‘Born to Be President at this Moment’

Carville: Biden Was ‘Born to Be President at this Moment’

March 7, 2022

Thursday on MSNBC’s The Beat, perpetually-wrong Democrat strategist James Carville declared that President Joe Biden was born to be president in this moment, referring to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Asked about the viewership of Biden’s recent State of the Union address, Carville replied, “I think people were just involved because obviously, the situation in Ukraine. I think a lot of people want this president to succeed. He’s gotten nothing but praise for the way he handled this. I’ve seen remarkably low criticism.”

Praise and low criticism from the media, perhaps, because they’re propagandists who support Biden’s agenda. But the American people are fed up with Biden’s ineptitude and catastrophic domestic and foreign policy failures. Carville isn’t interested in what they think.

He added, “So I mean, I think he was kind of almost experiencing like he was kind of born-to-be-president at this moment. I hope that’s the case, and I think he’s done a good job so far, I really do.”

Methinks the sycophant doth protest too much. If Biden actually was doing “a good job so far,” media talking heads wouldn’t have to push that talking point so hard. No one truly believes the decrepit Biden is up to the job of getting dressed by himself in the morning, much less managing world crises.

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