Carville: Biden Impeachment Inquiry Actually a Good Thing

Carville: Biden Impeachment Inquiry Actually a Good Thing

September 15, 2023

Wednesday on CNN’s The Source, longtime Democrat strategist James Carville said House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) launching an impeachment inquiry into President Biden was a good thing for Democrats because the case is “nonexistent.”

Carville said, “My honest opinion is the people they have leading it are not very smart. In fact, they’re borderline stupid. James Comer, Jim Jordan against the people in the House that will be on this committee like Dan Goldman.”

He continued, “These are very smart people. I don’t think the White House needs to worry too much about this and let these congressional Democrats who are whip smart will just eat these people alive. I so want them to do this. I can’t tell you how much.”

Anchor Kaitlan Collins said, “You want them to have the impeachment?”

Carville said, “I want to hold hearings. I want to let the American public see how nonexistent the case is, that the president didn’t do anything wrong, and I want our people who are quite effective lawyers to get them on cross-examination and make fools out of them.”

Collins said, “I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but it sounds like you’re saying impeachment could be a good thing. Is that correct?”

Carville said, “Correct. You’re not putting words in my mouth. I was happy when McCarthy got out there and said that. I thought wow how could we get so lucky?”

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