Carville: ‘American People Are Turning on’ Trump ‘By the Day’

Carville: ‘American People Are Turning on’ Trump ‘By the Day’

May 26, 2020

Sunday on MSNBC’s Kasie DC, Democrat strategist James Carville tried to put lipstick on pig Joe Biden’s campaign-killing comment that blacks who vote for President Trump “ain’t black,” claiming that the “American people are turning on” Trump “by the day.”

Trump “is getting beat, and he is getting beat bad,” Carville lied. “He’s getting beat in the Fox poll, in the Quinnipiac poll, in the NBC poll and he’s going to lose bad… [T]he American people are turning on him by the day. Joe Biden is fine.

“Joe Biden, I thought performed I thought superbly in a lot of the debates,” he added. “And yeah, he says some things sometimes that come out the wrong way. Go look at Trump gaffes. Look at the things he’s said and the words that he has mispronounced. I mean, this is just silly.” Silly indeed.

As always, the backwoods caricature Carville is full of cow dung. No one is talking about Trump gaffes, but every time the racist Biden opens his mouth he confirms suspicions of cognitive impairment.

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