Cartoon Network, HBO Max Target Preschoolers with Animated Ellen Show

Cartoon Network, HBO Max Target Preschoolers with Animated Ellen Show

September 15, 2021

Cartoon Network and HBO Max are launching a new slate of programming aimed at preschoolers that will spotlight diversity and other woke issues, with shows like Little Ellen, which includes same-sex couples, from producer and celebrity LGB activist Ellen DeGeneres.

The new programming slate, called “Cartoonito,” debuted Monday on both the Cartoon Network and HBO Max, divisions of WarnerMedia. In a press release, WarnerMedia said all Cartoonito preschool content aims to “empower kids to feel comfortable with who they are, embrace their uniqueness and believe anything is possible.”

Among the new titles is the animated Little Ellen, which tells the story of a young DeGeneres and includes same-sex couples. Ellen, you will recall, is the former talk show host who left her show amid accusations that she fostered a toxic work environment. Presumably that won’t be addressed in the new show.

“It’s these sweet little characters that always have the best intentions and are hopefully teaching kindness and supporting one another, and everything that a cartoon should be,” DeGeneres told the Associated Press. “But it just happens to have a couple of characters that have same-sex parents. which is great. I think it’s always important for kids to be exposed to what is reality. This is reality,” she said.

No, it’s the reality that the left wants to normalize in the culture and to indoctrinate children to accept.

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