Carter: Four More Years of Trump ‘Would Be a Disaster’

Carter: Four More Years of Trump ‘Would Be a Disaster’

September 19, 2019

During a speech Tuesday at the Carter Center in Atlanta, former President Jimmy Carter said it would be a “disaster” if President Trump were re-elected in 2020.

“It would be a disaster to have four more years of Trump,” Carter said as he and wife Rosalynn discussed the vision of their foundation, which includes ending wars, fighting climate change, and “constructively criticizing the United States.” If they “do those things,” Carter said of the Democrat presidential candidates, “I would probably vote for them.”

“I don’t know who I will vote for, but I will vote for one of them,” Carter said. “I voted for Bernie the last time. But one of the major factors I have in my mind is who can beat Trump.” Rosalynn added, “I think we need a new president. I am so disturbed about white power. [Trump] says he is not a racist and maybe he is not. But some of the things he says encourages racism.”

For those who consider Jimmy Carter to be one of America’s worst presidents, his condemnation of Trump actually serves as confirmation that Trump’s reelection would be great for the country.

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