Carlson: We’re Supposed to Think It’s ‘Not a Big Deal’ Fetterman is in Mental Hospital

Carlson: We’re Supposed to Think It’s ‘Not a Big Deal’ Fetterman is in Mental Hospital

March 6, 2023

Friday on the Fox News Channel, host Tucker Carlson opened his program by noting that the media are acting like freshman Sen. John Fetterman‘s (D-PA) mental health situation is “not a big deal.”

“[F]etterman got to Washington in January and within a month suffered a mental breakdown so severe that he wound up in the psych ward where he remains tonight,” he said. “And we’re not mocking John Fetterman, of course. We feel for him sincerely. But the mercenaries in his orbit, very much, including his wife, Giselle, should be ashamed of what they have done. Apparently, Fetterman cracked under the strain of a Senate campaign in which he was forced to pretend that the brain damage he had suffered from a stroke wasn’t actually a big deal. ‘No problem. I’m fine.’ But he was not fine. He was so close to the edge that within weeks of getting to Washington, he wound up in a mental hospital as an inpatient. He has not appeared in public since.”

Carlson continued, “And we’re supposed to think that’s not a big deal. We’re not even supposed to think about it and just show how completely normal it is for newly elected U.S. senators to have mental breakdowns and disappear from public view. That’s such not a big deal, that Fetterman somehow just co-sponsored legislation in the U.S. Senate, quote, ‘U.S. Senators Bob Casey and John Fetterman of Pennsylvania,’ reads a straight face news report, ‘joined a bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday, introducing new legislation aimed at preventing future freight train derailments, like the one last month in East Palestine, Ohio.’ So here you have a guy who’s getting round-the-clock psychiatric care deciding how to prevent train derailments. There are so many questions here. But the most obvious one is a logistical question: How is John Fetterman doing this if he’s in the psych ward? And we don’t know because no one will say.”

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