Carl Bernstein: Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ ‘Far Worse than Watergate’

Carl Bernstein: Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ ‘Far Worse than Watergate’

January 31, 2022

Friday on The View, ABC’s long-running propaganda-fest for housewives, irrelevant aging journalist Carl Bernstein claimed that former President Donald Trump’s “big lie” that he won the 2020 presidential election was “far worse” than the Watergate scandal.

Bernstein said, “This is far worse than Watergate. Let’s look at a couple of aspects of it. First of all, Richard Nixon was a criminal president of the United States who undermined the electoral system in this country just as Donald Trump has sought to undermine the electoral system in this country, but Trump has sought to do it in a much worse way. He tried to stage a coup so he would not leave office. He has told this big lie about what happened in the election.”

Fact checks: 1) there was no attempted coup, and 2) the only people who have undermined the electoral system in America are Democrats, whose massive voter fraud enabled them to install illegitimate puppet Joe Biden in the White House.

Bernstein continued his demagogic rant: “But more than that, we also have a situation in which we have in Trump the first seditious president of the United States. He has sought, you know, to bring about an insurrection to keep him in office. Whatever you say about Richard Nixon and his criminality, he left office peaceably. He allowed the peaceful transfer of power, which Trump hasn’t when he staged his coup.”

Fact checks: 1) again, Trump did not even attempt to stage a coup; 2) there was no attempted insurrection; 3) Trump openly called for the peaceful transfer of power; and 4) Bernstein is a leftist propagandist, which is why The View gave him its megaphone to spread the left‘s “Big Lie” and to demonize Trump and his supporters.

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