CAIR Wants Biden to Fight ‘Islamophobia’ by Stopping Israel

CAIR Wants Biden to Fight ‘Islamophobia’ by Stopping Israel

November 3, 2023

The Freedom Center’s own Daniel Greenfield reports that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wants President Biden to “combat surging Islamophobia” by demanding Israel commit to a ceasefire in its war against the terror group Hamas.

“The first and most important step President Biden must take to combat surging Islamophobia is the step that American Muslim leaders and organizations have repeatedly called on him to take: demand a ceasefire in Gaza,” CAIR Deputy Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell stated.

“The development of a national strategy to combat anti-Muslim bigotry is an important step that can make a positive impact if it involves an inclusive process with all stakeholders in the American Muslim community and tackles institutional Islamophobia within the government, such as the watchlist. But first and foremost, we need a ceasefire. The American Muslim community will accept nothing less.”

Greenfield writes,

There’s no ‘Islamophobia’. If the issue were attacks or harassment of Muslims, that would be the priority. Instead, it takes a backseat to protecting Hamas.

When your entire ‘Islamophobia’ program can be reduced to protecting Islamic terrorists from their victims, it’s all too abundantly obvious that the whole thing is just a strategy of playing the victim in order to enable Islamic terrorism.

CAIR is saying the quiet part out loud, that the ‘Islamophobia’ hoax exists to be put at the service of Hamas. Much as it was previously put at the service of Al Qaeda.

There’s no Islamophobia, only Islamic terrorism. ‘Islamophobia’ is just a lie told to protect Islamic terrorists.

When Hamas-supporting Muslims like CAIR demand Israel commit to a ceasefire, it doesn’t mean a cessation of hostilities; it means they want Hamas to continue with terror attacks and Israel to stop fighting back.

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