CAIR, SJP, U.S. Muslim Groups Back Palestinians Against Israel

CAIR, SJP, U.S. Muslim Groups Back Palestinians Against Israel

October 9, 2023

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and a variety of other Muslim and pro-Palestinian groups in the United States failed to condemn the Hamas terror attack on Israel on Saturday, and instead offered their support.

In a statement, CAIR expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people, and did not condemn violence against Israel. Over 700 Israelis were murdered and over 2000 wounded (as of this writing), in an unprecedented terror attack on civilian targets.

CAIR called for “maximum pressure on Israel” and added: “Furthermore, we urge Arab and Muslim countries that have normalized relations with Israel to reconsider their approach.”

Other Muslim organizations and pro-Palestinian groups took similar stances. The Times of Israel reported:

Pro-Palestinian, student and Muslim activist groups in the US backed Hamas’s terror offensive against Israel and condemned the Jewish state on Saturday, after terrorists from Gaza murdered hundreds of Israelis, sowing havoc across much of the country and prompting retaliatory IDF strikes.

The US Council of Muslim Organizations, an umbrella group, said, “The recent unprovoked and continuous attacks by Israel on Palestinian towns, cities, and refugee camps have resulted in tragic loss of Palestinian lives.”

The national chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine [SJP], the leading pro-Palestinian college group, said, “Callous oppressors only know the language of destruction.”

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