Buttigieg: ‘Surest Way’ to Solve Supply Chain Issue Is Vaccination

Buttigieg: ‘Surest Way’ to Solve Supply Chain Issue Is Vaccination

November 15, 2021

Friday on CBS’s Mornings, Transportation Secretary diversity hire Pete Buttigieg claimed that the “only way” to solve the supply chain issues facing the nation was “to end the pandemic,” which is why the White House has been pushing for the vaccination of all citizens.

“I break it down into three parts,” Buttigieg replied when asked what the Biden administration is doing to solve the issue. “First of all, we’ve got to deal with the pandemic. This is largely a pandemic-driven set of issues, so the surest way to deal with it is to end the pandemic, which is why we have this vaccination campaign and everything else we’re doing. That’s the first part.”

Apparently, illegal aliens and Afghan refugees being shipped to red states around the country are immune to COVID, because the Biden administration isn’t pressuring them to get vaccinated.

“The second part, of course, is that we can’t wait,” he continued. “So, there are immediate actions like what’s in the president’s port action plan. We’re seeing sweeper ships going around to pick up empty containers that are getting in the way — really creative ideas like pop-up ports that are actually inland in Georgia so you can move the containers out of where they might be blocking the path for more ships to unload and sorting them out further inland.”

Very creative. Perhaps if the Biden administration hadn’t orchestrated the supply chain crisis in the first place, none of this political theater would be necessary.

“Then, we’ve got the long-term picture,” Buttigied, fresh from his two-month maternity leave, continued to blather. “We’ve got to invest in a big way in American ports and infrastructure, which is why this bipartisan infrastructure deal that just passed Congress is such a big deal. So, that’s how I would think about it, the immediate and the long term, and we’re working on both.”

Translation: we’re doing nothing at the moment but we promise to tax middle class Americans out of existence with “big investments” in future “infrastructure” boondoggles like fixing racist highways.

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