Buttigieg: Passing Spending Bills ‘Important’ to Reduce Inflation

Buttigieg: Passing Spending Bills ‘Important’ to Reduce Inflation

November 5, 2021

Friday on MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Reports, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, fresh from his 2+-month maternity leave, claimed passing President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda was “important” in reducing the skyrocketing inflation.

“[T] here’s a technical issue over whether it’s considered structural or whether it’s considered temporary, but when it’s hitting your grocery bill, that’s not temporary. That’s just your life. That’s your budget,” Buttigieg outlined. “And Americans are feeling that in a lot of different ways.”

That’s putting it very mildly. The economy is plunging off a cliff and taking ordinary Americans, who can’t afford to take off 2+ months to virtue-signal about gay parenting, with it.

“It’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to move this legislation through,” he added. “You’re going back to where our conversation began because if we can act to reduce the cost that Americans face, the cost of childcare, the cost of schooling, the cost of access to pre-K, just literally putting more money in people’s pockets with things like the child tax credit that represents, you know, thousands of dollars a year for most families with kids, that’s something that can help at a time when we see other issues, like what’s going on in global oil markets increasing the prices and increasing the costs people face. So, yes, you know, just because this isn’t considered what economists would call a permanent structural inflationary pressure doesn’t make it any less real, doesn’t make it any less painful, and that’s exactly why we’re focused on the price pressures that Americans are facing.”

In addition to not having a clue about economics, Buttigieg and his fellow globalist elites in this far-left administration don’t care about the pressures Americans are facing. They care about fundamentally transforming the U.S. into a socialist dystopia.

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