Buttigieg: Oil Prices ‘Largely Outside’ Control of White House

Buttigieg: Oil Prices ‘Largely Outside’ Control of White House

March 16, 2022

Tuesday on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg claimed disingenuously that no “political figure” directly controls oil and gas prices.

“As you know, the president’s taken a lot of steps to bring relief and to help stabilize oil prices, including that big release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve,” the diversity hire Buttigieg lied. “Of course, the long-term solution for this is energy independence and a shift to renewable energy here in this country.”

People want relief now. The “long-term solution” of “green” energy independence is a complete leftist fantasy that, even if possible, will take several decades to implement. That doesn’t help Americans to deal now with an energy and inflation crisis that the Biden administration caused.

“But let’s also remember that while oil prices and gas prices are famously something that is largely outside of the direct control of any political figure,” he continued, “there are a lot of things that we could be doing right now that would bring direct relief to the pocketbooks of American families that are greater than most any family’s gasoline bill.”

That’s funny, because the energy independence former President Trump brought us was literally due to his “direct control.” And the economic catastrophe we are experiencing under this administration is literally due to Biden’s “direct control” — or more accurately, under the control of Biden’s puppet masters.

Buttigieg went on in the interview to tow the current leftist line that while gas prices may be high (thanks, Putin!) the Biden administration is bringing down family costs in other ways, such as free child care and cheaper insulin — as if all American families want or need child care and insulin.

Contrary to Democrat lies, American families don’t want to simply accept high energy prices even if other costs come down (which they won’t). They want the low-cost energy stability we had under President Trump, period.

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