Brown: Putin Has Something on Trump, ‘Everything from Sex Tapes to Huge Debt’

Brown: Putin Has Something on Trump, ‘Everything from Sex Tapes to Huge Debt’

September 30, 2020

Tuesday on MSNBC’s Live With Stephanie Ruhle, Sen. Sherrod Brown floated the absurd, unfounded rumor that Russian President Vladimir Putin must have something on Trump, “everything ranging from sex tapes to huge debt.”

Asked if he has concerns about Trump’s finances, Brown replied, “Of course. We have followed Trump. Most American banks won’t — quit financing Trump years ago. He turned to Deutsche Bank, and Deutsche Bank is an outlier and an outlaw among many of the world’s banks in the world’s legitimate banks.” An “outlaw” among “legitimate” banks? What does that mean?

“Trump is clearly—there’s something that Putin has on Trump. We hear everything ranging from sex tapes to huge debt that he owes, money as Kamala Harris pointed out. A lot of money he owes to somebody.” “We hear”? How about some evidence, Senator?

“And so clearly, some things are going on there, and we should know what they are,” Brown ranted. “Trump clearly doesn’t want the public to know. It’s why his behavior toward the autocrats, particularly Putin, is so sordid and unAmerican. I think that the more we know, the more even Trump’s base will begin to turn against this president who has betrayed not just workers in Youngstown, Ohio, but he’s betrayed our country by what he’s done internationally with the Russians and other autocrats.”

What would the Democrats do if they stopped clinging to their discredited Trump/Putin narrative?

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