Brokaw: Nixon Was More ‘Presidential’ Than Trump

Brokaw: Nixon Was More ‘Presidential’ Than Trump

December 24, 2019

Monday on MSNBC’s Hardball, former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw said Richard Nixon acted more “presidential” than President Trump.

“The conduct of Donald Trump versus the conduct of President Nixon: Nixon was always aware of being presidential and the way he spoke the way he responded to me there. Trump, you know, plays from the gutter frankly. It’s ready, draw, shoot, whatever you need to do. So it’s a different time,” Brokaw said.

He added, “The other very important part of it, the Republican Party at that time, did not speak out in a way they’re speaking out now,” he continued. “Most of them stayed quietly in their offices and took in the evidence that was coming in on a daily basis. They didn’t get out there and show their sharp elbows.”

The fact that Trump and (some) Republicans are “showing their sharp elbows” instead of staying quietly in their offices is one of the reasons Brokaw and his Democrat cohorts find unacceptable. They hate it when the right fights back.

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