Brennan: Trump Plays to a ‘Very Debased Group of People’

Brennan: Trump Plays to a ‘Very Debased Group of People’

February 21, 2020

Thursday on MSNBC, former CIA Director John Brennan claimed President Trump acts like “a mob boss” and plays to a “very debased” group of people.

“He’s clearly giving every indication he wants to act like a mob boss,” Brennan stated. “And he’s going to try to take care of him and his soldiers… It’s outrageous he would try to make any moral equivalency between someone like Roger Stone, who the judge said has trampled the law, and public servants like James Comey and others who really tried their best. You can question their decisions and judgments but really were trying to carry out their duties responsibly and with integrity…

“I mean, he just plays to this very debased group of people who are listening to what he is saying in terms of just trashing good public servants and defending people like Roger Stone? I mean, give me a break.”

Brennan, Comey, and other “public servants” Brennan claimed carried out their duties “with integrity” are all Deep State operatives whose traitorous aim was to rid the White House of Trump.

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