Deep State Traitor: Trump ‘Could Have Seriously Compromised National Security’

Deep State Traitor: Trump ‘Could Have Seriously Compromised National Security’

May 26, 2023

Thursday on MSNBC’s Deadline, former CIA Director and Deep State traitor John Brennan claimed that former President Trump “could have seriously compromised national security ” with classified information he took after he left office.

Brennan said, “It is quite clear that Donald Trump’s retention of these documents was quite purposeful. And with an aim that is still unknown. How he was going to leverage the information in those documents that contain some of the most sensitive secrets of the U.S. intelligence and government. What would he do with them? What has he done already? The potential compromise of sources and methods, if you look at the classification markings, the code words on those documents. Some of the most sensitive — extremely sensitive – capabilities that we have.”

He added, “The thing about Trump, not only he doesn’t care about the implications and the consequences of his actions. I don’t think he fully understands. He was never really a student of the intelligence profession itself. So, therefore, who knows what he might have done. And I do hope, in addition to holding him accountable for the unlawful retention of these documents, that we really do get to the bottom of what he planned to do, what he might have already done, and go who might have had access to these documents that could have seriously compromised national security.”

But first, how about we hold Brennan accountable for his treasonous Deep State involvement?

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