Brennan Questions ‘Stability’ of the U.S. Under Trump

Brennan Questions ‘Stability’ of the U.S. Under Trump

October 7, 2019

On NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, former CIA Director John Brennan said “there is a real question about the stability” of the United States under President Trump .

Asked how the CIA would assess the stability of the American government right now as if it were a foreign power, Brennan replied, “We would look at it as a very corrupt government that is under the sway right now of this powerful individual who has been able to just corrupt the institutions and the laws of that country.”

Asked if the U.S. was a stable democracy, Brennan answered, “I think it’s no longer a democracy if an autocrat has it in his hands… Given the tremendous political instability here which is consuming the government now, it’s not able to take care of the issues that it need to address, whether it be on the domestic front or the foreign policy front. Yes, there is a real question about the stability.”

The country would be a great deal more stable if Deep State subversives like Brennan hadn’t spend Trump’s entire term attempting a coup.

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