Brennan: Only Dishonest Sens. Will Vote to Acquit Trump

Brennan: Only Dishonest Sens. Will Vote to Acquit Trump

February 12, 2021

Wednesday on Twitter, former CIA Director John Brennan declared that only “dishonest” and “self-serving” senators will vote to acquit Donald Trump in the U.S. Senate’s current impeachment trial of the former president.

“House impeachment managers providing compelling evidence that Donald Trump provoked, encouraged, & abetted the deadly insurrection at the Capitol. Trump acted as a lawless thug, inciting his fellow lawless thugs,” Brennan wrote on Twitter. “Only dishonest & self-serving Senators will vote to acquit.”

The actual dishonest, self-serving, and lawless thug is Brennan, a partisan liar and suspected Muslim who once voted for a Communist Party candidate, undermined our national security in the war on Islamic fundamentalists, and buried intelligence revealing that Russia supported Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, in the 2016 election race.

In a separate tweet, Brennan slammed Sen. Lindsey Graham for criticizing the House impeachment managers. “These are the words of a man with no conscience, no integrity, & no interest in doing the right thing,” Brennan had the gall to tweet. “Lindsey Graham & other Senators who hold this view are unworthy of public trust. History will judge them as it should—political cowards who betrayed their oath of office.”

John Brennan is the man unworthy of trust, public or private, and history will judge him as it should: as a Deep State traitor.

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