Brennan: ‘Nativist, Xenophobic’ Fascists in the U.S. Suppressing Other Views

Brennan: ‘Nativist, Xenophobic’ Fascists in the U.S. Suppressing Other Views

November 14, 2020

Friday on CNN, former CIA Director and Deep State traitor John Brennan claimed that “nativist, xenophobic” elements in the United States are “lashing out and suppressing the views” of others. This is the language leftists use to smear Trump supporters and others who oppose the left’s open borders, multiculturalist agenda.

I think we’re right now battling some fascist tendencies amongst some people in terms of highly nativist tendencies and instincts that I think Donald Trump harbors and has shown. What we have seen happen around the globe over the last hundred years or so, I think we see elements of it here in the states, which is a very nativist, xenophobic, and in some respects movements that are prone to lashing out and suppressing the views, the interests, of others in their country. It’s very unfortunate what we’ve seen in the last four years.”

This is a repugnant lie about Trump and American patriots who are tired of globalist elites like Brennan changing the political and cultural demographics of the country through unchecked immigration

Brennan went on to suck up to the self-proclaimed president-elect Biden: “I am very confident that Joe Biden brings to the office of the presidency the character, dignity, experience, and an understanding of the history, law and Constitution that Americans have been desperately looking for over the last several years.”

This would be comic if it weren’t so tragic. What Biden would bring to the White House is a half-century of corruption and a bottomless ignorance of, or indifference to, the law and the Constitution. But that’s the kind of politician Deep State subversives like Brennan want in office.

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