Brazile: Trump’s CNN Town Hall Was ‘Disgusting,’ ‘Devastating’

Brazile: Trump’s CNN Town Hall Was ‘Disgusting,’ ‘Devastating’

May 15, 2023

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, Democrat strategist Donna Brazile called former President Trump’s CNN town hall performance “disgusting.”

Brazile said, “Look, it was entertaining, it was disgusting, at the same time because this is a guy who continues to repeat the same lie after lie somehow believing it’s going to become true that the election was rigged. It was even more devastating to hear he might consider pardoning the people who attacked our democracy, the Proud Boys.”

Host Jon Karl said, “And he made it clear, most of them. It was not just a few here or there.”

Brazile said, “You know, but that was vintage Donald Trump. He wanted to stick it to us, you know, make us pay for our sins. But Donald Trump is the perfect candidate. Look, I don’t know, governor, if hitting Donald Trump will somehow or another deflate his base. He seems to have an appetite for this moment. He seems to know what he’s doing in terms of projecting that he is the guy to beat. Ultimately the Republicans will have to decide if they want to repeat the past or go ahead and start focusing on the future.”

It’s amusing to watch the Left continue to get so flustered and infuriated, after all this time, by Trump. His CNN appearance unhinged them and turned out to be a major coup for the former President’s campaign.

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