Brazile: Trump ‘Not Capable of Delivering for All Americans’

Brazile: Trump ‘Not Capable of Delivering for All Americans’

October 23, 2020

Thursday in the post-presidential debate analysis on Fox News, network contributor Donna Brazile, formerly the interim head of the Democratic National Committee, claimed that President Trump was “not capable” of delivering for all Americans.

“The tone was different, but it was still the Donald Trump that refuses to release his taxes once again, claiming that he has an audit,” Brazile said. “What are you hiding? And Joe Biden, I thought, made a good point. The second thing is, he said, I have a health care plan. But where is it? It’s been 10 years since the Republicans said, you know, we don’t like what you’ve done, but you haven’t given us nothing lately. And I think the most important thing is that Joe Biden, when he says, I can’t get it through Congress,” she added.

“Well, that’s gridlock,” Brazile continued. “Whether you’re a Republican president or a Democratic president, the American people are tired of gridlock. We had an immigration bill back when Karl Rove and Dana was under the Bush administration. We had one under the Obama administration. We couldn’t get the deal. So, yes, it was a different tone. But I think in the closing days of this campaign, President Trump was not capable of delivering for all Americans.”

Besides offering up a completely incomprehensible analysis, is Brazile seriously trying to raise the non-issue of Trump’s taxes? In fact, Trump not only is capable of delivering for all Americans, he has been delivering. Trump is making America great again, and Democrats are frustrated he is unraveling the subversive policies of former President Barack Obama.

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