Brazile: Trump Acquittal Will Be ‘Sad Day’ for Democracy

Brazile: Trump Acquittal Will Be ‘Sad Day’ for Democracy

February 6, 2020

Prior to President Trump’s acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial on Wednesday, former DNC chair Donna Brazile wrote in a Fox News op-ed that his acquittal would be a “sad day” for democracy.

“The impeachment trial of President Trump will soon be history, and the outcome will go down as a sad day for our democracy,” Brazile wrote. “Although the evidence of President Trump’s unlawful and impeachable acts is overwhelming and growing, the Republican-controlled Senate is certain to fall short Wednesday of the two-thirds vote needed to convict him on two articles of impeachment adopted by the House…”

Brazile quoted Nancy Pelosi: “We have pulled back a veil of behavior totally unacceptable to our founders, and that the public will see this with a clearer eye.”

It is not the acquittal, but the partisan, sham impeachment itself that will go down in history as a sad time for democracy. Trump committed no impeachable acts. The totally unacceptable behavior the Dems exposed was their own.

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