Brazile: Texas Anti-Abortion Law ‘Bad News For Women’

Brazile: Texas Anti-Abortion Law ‘Bad News For Women’

September 6, 2021

Last weekend on ABC’s This Week, former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile called the Texas anti-abortion law a “war on women.”

Asked by anchor George Stephanopoulos if Democrats are “overreacting” in terms of the Texas abortion ban, Brazile replied, “No, George, when the penalty for having an abortion after being raped is more severe than the penalty for rape, you know it’s a war on women. This is bad. Bad news for women. Bad news for Texas women. Bad news for low-income and minority women. Simply because  they have gutted Roe v. Wade. This is bad news. We should act as if what happened in Texas is likely to happen in many more states, as the court has opened the door for this to happen. I’m not a lawyer.”

Agreed: she’s not a lawyer. She’s a propagandist. The law is not part of a war on women. It is part of a war on the left’s lust for infanticide.

“I can tell you one thing,” Brazile continued. “To allow this to go into effect when they have in the past denied other states who tried to have viability at 15 weeks. No, it’s bad news. ”

It’s not bad news for women. It’s bad news for Democrats, who have been waging a war on women through radical feminism for over half a century. The Democrats don’t care about women; they care only about exploiting women and weaponizing their wombs.

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