Brazile: GOP ‘Targeting Law Enforcement’ for Doing Their Job

Brazile: GOP ‘Targeting Law Enforcement’ for Doing Their Job

August 15, 2022

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, Democrat propagandist Donna Brazile claimed that by criticizing the FBI raid at former President Trump’s Florida estate, Republicans were targeting law enforcement just for doing their job.

Brazile said, “What concerns me, as you well know, is the threats, the threats to law enforcement. You had defund the police, now defund the FBI. Who is condemning that? When a small minority of Democratic lawmakers and activists said defund the police everybody was outraged: ‘How dare you?’ Well how dare you threaten the highest order in our country, the FBI? The Republicans are mainly silent.”

She continued, “It is time to pull back. It is time to respect the rule of law.”

Pause here for convulsive laughter. Democrats demanding respect for the rule of law! Few things in politics are as amusing and predictable as the Left accusing the Right of being anti-law enforcement.

Brazile added, “It is just outrageous when I see Republican lawmakers, leaders of their party out there basically targeting law enforcement for doing their job. The former president, let’s start calling him the former president, stop calling him the president, the former president is acting and behaving like a toddler.”

The FBI isn’t being slammed by Republicans for “doing its job” and investigating an actual crime, but for serving as a secret-police arm of the Trump-hating Deep State. If the FBI wants to restore credibility and be respected for “doing its job,” it first needs to back up and investigate traitorous, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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