Brazile: Dems Need to ‘Wake Up’ to Biden’s Poor Polling Numbers

Brazile: Dems Need to ‘Wake Up’ to Biden’s Poor Polling Numbers

May 8, 2023

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, Democrat strategist Donna Brazile said Democrats need to “wake up” following a new Washington Post-ABC News poll in which President Biden’s approval ratings fell six percentage points between February and May.

The poll also found former President Trump would beat Biden in a head-to-head matchup in 2024.

Host George Stephanopoulos said, “I can only imagine what it is like inside the White House now, looking at the numbers in our poll this morning.”

Brazile said, “I was told I could not send the poll around until after 12 midnight. I sent it out at 12:02 because it kept me up and I thought they should wake up and look at those numbers. You know, it is not the age. I want to be 80 plus just so I can hang out with you.”

She added, “It is sobering that the coalition that elected Joe Biden with the historic numbers that we saw in 2020, that coalition right now is fragmented. That should concern them. The second thing that should concern them of course is that they are still unable to get a real good strong message to the American people not just beyond the accomplishments but where they want to take the country.”

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