Boxer: If Trump Could Stop the 1/6 Chaos ‘It Proves He Started It’

Boxer: If Trump Could Stop the 1/6 Chaos ‘It Proves He Started It’

December 15, 2021

Tuesday on MSNBC’s The Beat, former Sen. Barbara Boxer asserted illogically that if former President Donald Trump could stop the chaos at the January 6 Capitol protest as many Fox News hosts, a family member, and lawmakers texted his former chief of Staff Mark Meadows to have him do, that proves he “started it.”

“The truth is on display. The moments that those were written, that’s the truth, I want to just talk about Fox News very quickly because I took away three things,” the far-left Boxer said. “One, Fox News was to the Trump administration what state TV in Russia is to Putin. Honestly, these folks were literally advising him, very close to him, and had incredible access to Trump’s top person, Mark Meadows.”

Please. Fox News, which leans slightly right and features a balance of conservative and progressive voices, can hardly be called consistently pro-Trump. The entire mainstream media apart from Fox, however, which serves as the propaganda arm of the Biden administration and the left generally speaking, can be equated with Putin’s state-run media.

“Secondly, Fox News, those folks knew that Trump could stop it. What does that prove? It proves he started it. It proves he controlled it,” Boxer claimed.

Ridiculous. The incident at the Capitol on January 6 was not an organized “insurrection,” as the left insists on calling it, but a chaotic breach facilitated by Capitol police and the FBI. Trump, who had previously called for peaceful protest, had no way to “stop” chaos that he neither organized nor instigated.

Unfettered by facts and logic, the unhinged Boxer continued her rant: “Three, Fox News and those folks are now lying about January 6, and instead of being patriotic Americans, they’re slamming the committee of the House that is bipartisan and, let’s be clear, they were scared to death on January 6. They were frightened to death, and they are so ideological and so in Trump’s orbit that they are now liars. It’s awful.”

Boxer is the unpatriotic, ideological liar. The January 6 committee is only bipartisan in the sense that a handful of anti-Trump RINOs are participating. It is a leftist, ideologically-driven attempt to demonize Trump and his supporters as domestic terrorists. Boxer and the complicit MSNBC propagandists are lying about it all.

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