Booker: Trump Withholding Aid from Ukraine Is ‘Treasonous’

Booker: Trump Withholding Aid from Ukraine Is ‘Treasonous’

September 26, 2019

Thursday on MSNBC’s Live, Sen. Cory Booker declared ridiculously that President Trump’s actions in the Democrat-hyped Ukraine “scandal” are treasonous.

“Well, it is not surprising that Donald Trump doesn’t know the difference between patriotism and treason,” Booker claimed. “If there is any treasonous actions here, it is coming from the White House…”

“I’ve been to Ukraine. I met with military soldiers, seen their vulnerability, have them talk to me about colleagues that have been lost to Russian aggression, saw how desperate they were for American support and aid. It was a difference between life and death for them. And we as Congress, in a bipartisan fashion, approved that aid and now we’re realizing that this president was withholding that aid not for national security purposes, but to pursue his own personal benefit,” he added. “That is outrageous, and in my opinion, that is treasonous.”

The low-polling White House hopeful Booker is renowned for his political grandstanding.

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