Booker: Trump Supporters ‘Cult of Personality,’ ‘Armed Militias’

Booker: Trump Supporters ‘Cult of Personality,’ ‘Armed Militias’

October 15, 2020

In a speech Thursday morning at the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Cory Booker smeared supporters of President Trump as a “cult of personality.”

“We have armed militias now gearing up. Go to the website,” Booker claimed. Presumably he means There is nothing on that site about armed militias. “First of all, that worries me because I like my conservatives — because usually you pick things we all agree on, calling organizations ‘freedom,’ or ‘liberty,’ bringing in those words. This is the cult of a personality. Not ‘defend the United States,’ not ‘make a fair election,’ this is the ‘Army of Trump.’ Am I exaggerating?” Yes, you are. It’s called Army of Trump because he is the candidate. The Army of Making Fair Elections just doesn’t have the same ring.

“We’re literally sitting here when we have people like the governor of Michigan, where people are putting together plots to abduct elected officials in the United States of America.” The plotters were not Trump supporters but anarchists who called Trump a tyrant. Booker went on to whine about several other false or misleading complaints.

After Barack Obama, the Democrats have no room to slam Trump supporters as a cult of personality.

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