Booker to Voters: ‘Polls Don’t Matter’

Booker to Voters: ‘Polls Don’t Matter’

November 11, 2019

White House hopeful Cory Booker urged voters on Sunday evening to ignore his dimming poll numbers and “play to win” by supporting the presidential candidate they like most.

“When I become the nominee, I’m going to pancake Donald Trump,” Booker assured a small crowd. He went on to virtue-signal that he intends to choose a female running mate. “I just know that we have to have gender diversity. And that’s why when I’m the nominee, of all the incredibly talented, gifted women in this country, that my running mate is a woman.”

“I play to win, and we’re here because I believe as things shift and change, we’re going to continue to grow in popularity and support,” added Booker, who is currently polling at 2% support among likely caucus-goers.

Booker is correct that polls don’t matter. Donald Trump’s dramatic upset election victory in 2016 is the most spectacular evidence of that. But Cory Booker is no Donald Trump.

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