Booker: ‘Moral Vandal’ Trump Will Not Win Our Nation

Booker: ‘Moral Vandal’ Trump Will Not Win Our Nation

January 30, 2020

During MSNBC’s coverage of the Senate impeachment trial, failed presidential candidate Cory Booker declared that President Trump might beat the Democrats and be acquitted, but he would not “win our nation.”

“Do not lose your outrage in this moment,” urged Booker. “And we may lose ultimately this impeachment but channel that outrage into the coming election because clearly that will be the ultimate moment of accountability for this president’s corruption.”

“This election is about so much more now than a choice between a Democratic and a Republican president,” Booker added. “It’s not about right or left. This is about right or wrong. This is a moral moment. And the moral vandal that’s in the White House right now, he may win this day, but he will not win our nation. We are American, and we are going to find a way to regroup, heal, and be the moral nation that I know we are.”

Booker is a pompous, grandstanding virtue-signaler with no presidential gravitas. Americans recognize that, which is why his campaign never got off the ground.

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