Booker: It is ‘Dangerous Not to’ Hold Trump Accountable

Booker: It is ‘Dangerous Not to’ Hold Trump Accountable

January 19, 2021

Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Sen. Cory Booker said President Trump must be held accountable for inciting what he ludicrously called “a siege” on the U.S. Capitol.

“I can’t think of a president in my lifetime that came to power with so many challenges,” Booker said, referring to President-elect Joe Biden. “I think the American people have a right to expect that we can work on a lot of different fronts from an economic recession to a pandemic to national security threats, as well as holding a president accountable who persistently lied to the American people, whipped up far right-wing extremists and incited a riot, an assault, a siege on the United States Capitol.”

Sigh. There was no riot, no assault, no siege on the Capitol. It was an Antifa-instigated, D.C. cop-facilitated incursion of leftist agitators and rowdy selfie-takers into the Capitol that briefly got out of control.

“I believe it is constitutionally dangerous not to proceed,” the posturing blowhard Booker continued. “We just had a president of the United States try to undermine the peaceful transition of power, try to challenge a fair and free election. Him [sic] and his agents from the moments before, from his son to his lawyer, whipping up a crowd to go attack the Capitol.”

Lie. They did not urge a crowd to attack the Capitol.

“There must be accountability for actions that are this serious and this much of a threat, not just to our Constitution but to the erosion of our nation,” Booker stated.

Democrats love the word “accountability” as long as it’s applyied to a Republican, never to one of their own.

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