Booker: I Will Bring ‘Dignity’ and ‘Leadership’ Back to America

Booker: I Will Bring ‘Dignity’ and ‘Leadership’ Back to America

October 21, 2019

Sunday on MSNBC, White House hopeful Cory Booker said that, if elected, he will restore the “dignity” and “leadership” he claims have been lost under Trump.

“Having a sound mind and commitment to our values, I know what I will bring to that office: not only restoring dignity at home but rejoining with our allies in a concerted effort to create peace not just in that region but to deal with so many other growing, looming challenges,” Booker said.

“So I am looking forward to being commander-in-chief to begin to bring a sound policy, a stronger alliance and make sure that we are leading with our values in a world that desperately needs more American leadership, not Trump leadership but the kind of American leadership that we are — that the rest of the country, as I talk to world leaders, are yearning to see again.”

Trump leadership is American leadership. Booker’s leadership, like Barack Obama‘s, will divide Americans racially, hamstring us economically, and undermine our strength abroad and our national sovereignty.

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