Booker: ‘I Don’t Think Watergate Even Compares’ to Ukraine

Booker: ‘I Don’t Think Watergate Even Compares’ to Ukraine

September 23, 2019

On SiriusXM’s The Joe Madison Show Monday, White House contender Cory Booker said that by calling the Ukraine President to discuss Joe Biden‘s son’s business dealings there, President Trump has betrayed his office even more than Richard Nixon did with Watergate.

“It is a betrayal of the office at the scale of which I haven’t seen in my lifetime,” Booker said. “I’d have to go back to, God, I don’t think Watergate even compares to what this is.

“This is such a betrayal of our ideals. It is such a betrayal of Congressional intent. And he needs to answer for this should the facts bear out. So I hope that this is not people saying, ‘Oh, it’s just Trump being Trump.’ No, this is a deep potential violation of our Constitution, of our values. And it is an impeachable offense,” he continued.

The Ukraine scandal is actually Joe Biden’s, but Booker and his Democrat cohorts, with the assistance of the mainstream media, are trying to spin it against Trump in their relentless hope of impeachment.

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