Booker Denies Inability to Connect With Black Youth

Booker Denies Inability to Connect With Black Youth

October 14, 2019

In a recent interview with National Public Radio (NPR), presidential hopeful Cory Booker denied that voters don’t see him as the “voice for black youth” in America.

Asked how he responds to not being able to connect to the young black demographic, Booker answered, “Well, number one, I think we actually do connect to it. Some of our biggest support is from [historically black colleges] to African American young people who are big activists for our campaign. It’s one of the groups we do very well in.”

Not well enough. Polls show the grandstanding Booker trailing at least three whites among his Democrat White House rivals in terms of support from black voters: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren.

Booker tried to emphasize his efforts in the Senate to help minorities, noting that “I’ve pushed more than a dozen bills…” But only one “actually got passed”: the First Step Act for prison reform. That apparently hasn’t been enough to boost Booker among black voters.

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