Booker: Dems Have ‘Very Strong Pathway’ to More Seats in Senate

Booker: Dems Have ‘Very Strong Pathway’ to More Seats in Senate

November 8, 2022

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) claimed the Democrat Party had a “very strong pathway” to add more seats in the Senate in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Co-host Martha Raddatz said, “We’re just two days from election day in mid-September. FiveThirtyEight Senate forecast gave Democrats a 71% chance of holding on to the Senate majority. Now Republicans have a 55% chance of taking it from you. What happened?”

Booker replied, “Well, look, the party in the White House usually loses during midterms but the reality is, we still have a very strong pathway not just to keeping the Senate but really picking up seats in Philadelphia, excuse me, in Pennsylvania and in places like Wisconsin, and North Carolina. This election still is in the balance. The reality is we’re bucking what are usual trends. I think we’re bucking them because folks know at the end of the day do they want to go back to the Donald Trump politics that divided our nation, undermined our democracy and really preferenced, their signature bill was a big giveaway to the largest corporations and the richest Americans.”

Fact check: America was on its way to being great again under Trump, and Americans are recognizing that the current Democrat administration, by contrast, is wreaking unprecedented devastation.

“And even though our economy is tough people think about it and say, wait a minute, this is the party trying to protect unions, this is the party that made sure we did things to lower prescription drug costs and lower health care costs, that this is the party at the end of the day that’s trying to protect fundamental freedoms like the right to control your own body. So I think that this is a tough election season. It’s a midterm election but I still see a pathway for us to maintain control of the Senate.”

Keep telling yourself that, Spartacus.

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