Booker Compares Beating Trump to Taking On Joseph McCarthy

Booker Compares Beating Trump to Taking On Joseph McCarthy

January 2, 2020

Wednesday at a campaign event in Iowa, White House contender Cory Booker compared President Trump to anti-Communist Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

“We don’t win this election by trying to be more Trumpy than Trump,” Booker said. “That is not what America needs. We didn’t beat bullies in the past—demagogues. Every generation has had them. Heck, we had McCarthy rise up in power, we had a whole political party that used the same immigration rhetoric this president used. They were called the Know-Nothing Party. We didn’t beat them in the past by showing the worst of who we are, but by calling to the best of who Americans are…

“No, it was artists of activism… who in times of moral moments, times of crisis, found ways to expand the moral imagination of this country, awakening people to the urgency, not of being hateful, but of being more better agents of kindness, of decency, of grace.”

“Agents of kindness, of decency, of grace” is a deluded description of today’s Democrats, who are the masters of the vicious politics of personal destruction.

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