Booker: ‘Common Sense Thing’ to Give Illegals Health Care

Booker: ‘Common Sense Thing’ to Give Illegals Health Care

July 2, 2019

Tuesday on CNN’s Newsroom, 2020 White House contender Cory Booker said it is a “common sense thing” to provide illegal aliens with government-funded health care.

“It’s a common sense thing,” Booker said. “We may think that shutting off people to access to any kind of health care is some kind of tough stance but really what it does is endangers our populations if we don’t have some pathway for people getting some kind of support. That’s why when I was mayor of the city of Newark, I said when it comes to policing services, hospital services, undocumented immigrants are part of our community, and they have access to those things…

“It makes us all less safe. Let’s not make this a partisan issue. Let’s make it a common sense issue,” he added.

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