Booker: Blacks Feel ‘We Do Not Yet Have Equality’

Booker: Blacks Feel ‘We Do Not Yet Have Equality’

June 5, 2020

Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, failed presidential candidate Cory “Spartacus” Booker addressed a poll showing that 74% of Americans see George Floyd’s death in police custody as the sign of a broader problem in the country, interpreting it to suggest that black Americans have a “consciousness” that they “do not yet have equality under the law.”

“There is a consciousness that’s growing in our country that we do not yet have equality under the law, that we do not have liberty and justice for all, and this is a moment. And I don’t want to have a college student now, a teenager now have to have the same pain that I have that 30 years have passed and nothing has changed [since the Rodney King beating].”

“I think that this could be a moment, this could be the moment of struggle that we begin to see real reform in our country. None of us — I mean none of us — should relent until our nation takes these strides towards greater equality in the law,” Booker concluded.

White people sometimes die in police custody too, but their deaths don’t fit the progressive racial narrative.

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