Blumenthal: We Need 9/11-Type Commission to Stop Future ‘Would-Be Trump Tyrants’

Blumenthal: We Need 9/11-Type Commission to Stop Future ‘Would-Be Trump Tyrants’

February 17, 2021

Monday on MSNBC’s The Beat, Sen. Richard Blumenthal declared that an independent commission investigation into the January 6 chaos at the U.S. Capitol would help to stop any future “would-be Trump tyrants.”

“We need to reverse the rising tide of extremist violence in this country,” Blumenthal said, referring not to the nationwide rioting and looting of the Black Lives Matter movement, but the Democrat chimera of “white supremacists.”

“The mob that Donald Trump mobilized was armed. The Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police recovered firearms on that day.” And yet the only weapon that was fired came from panicked Capitol security, killing a woman who was not an immediate threat.

“That mob is still out there and still dangerous, and part of the reason that I believe we need a 9/11 commission, that type of commission. I’m drafting a bill that I hope will be bipartisan, to uncover the causes and impose accountability, and provide more protection against that kind of a mob, that violent extremism.”

He added, “There’s a need for more truth-telling. There’s a need for more facts. That’s why a 9/11 type commission will be important to uncover the larger causes, the individuals who should be held had accountable, and as you have said, an unsuccessful coup attempt without accountability is a dress rehearsal. The would-be Trump tyrants waiting to mobilize that mob again must be stopped.”

There is indeed a need for more truth-telling and facts, but that’s not at all what Blumenthal and his fellow totalitarians want. They want to perpetually punish Donald Trump and his supporters for standing up to the Democrats, and send a message to anyone else who dares fight back.

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