Blumenthal: Trump’s Claims of Fraud ‘Dangerous,’ ‘Damaging’

Blumenthal: Trump’s Claims of Fraud ‘Dangerous,’ ‘Damaging’

November 9, 2020

At a press conference on Friday in Hartford to urge Democrat state lawmakers to pass a Connecticut Constitution amendment to allow early voting and vote by mail, Sen. Richard Blumenthal said that President Trump’s claims of voter fraud in the battleground states are “beyond dangerous and damaging.”

“They were pathetic and sad,” Blumenthal added, “But what struck me most was how insidious and insulting they were to those countless men and women who are making democracy work. And in fact, democracy is working. The votes are being counted despite every effort by the president and the right-wing fringe to subvert and stop that count.”

On the contrary, it was the Democrats who stopped counting when they realized Trump was leading the race and they needed time to bolster Joe Biden‘s numbers. It is the right demanding that democracy be allowed to work legally and transparently, while Blumenthal’s party wants democracy to die in the darkness of their voter fraud.

“By the end of today, Joe Biden will be president-elect of the United States,” Blumenthal asserted optimistically — he wasn’t counting on the right’s determination to challenge the blatantly fraudulent election results. If Biden ultimately is the president-elect, it will be only because Democrats like Blumenthal stole the victory from American voters.

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