Blumenthal Says ‘Manafort Caught a Break’ with Sentencing

Blumenthal Says ‘Manafort Caught a Break’ with Sentencing

March 14, 2019

Wednesday on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal stated that former Trump campaign chairman “Paul Manafort caught a break” in the overall sentence of 87 months he received.

“Looking at the totality of what he did, and the totality of the sentences, both last week and now, Paul Manafort caught a break,” Blumenthal said. “This overall sentence is exceedingly lenient, probably excessively so.”

Blumenthal added that the judge could have been harder on Manafort. “[T]he miscarriage of justice, as I’ve called it repeatedly, really occurred in the Eastern District of Virginia, not today in her courtroom. She did her best to be fair and factual… But she could have been tougher, and she tried to be balanced and fair.”

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