Blumenthal: Republicans Are ‘Complicit in All These Shootings’

Blumenthal: Republicans Are ‘Complicit in All These Shootings’

March 25, 2021

Tuesday on CNN’s OutFront, Sen. Richard Blumenthal had the gall to state that Republican lawmakers are “complicit” in all the mass shootings that take place in the United States, given their opposition to gun legislation.

“In Boulder, that shooter is a deeply disturbed man who became a mass killer because he had an assault weapon that can kill people with the efficiency and speed meant for the battlefield,” Blumenthal said of the mass shooting in Colorado earlier this week. “So guns make all these problems more fatally and deadly, especially for domestic violence victims who then can be killed, five times more likely to be killed in those situations. That’s why we need to make sure we adopt these common-sense measures.”

Fact check: we already have common-sense gun control, and weapons of war are already illegal in the United States. Gun laws do not stop gang members, terrorists, or the criminally insane.

“We should not be putting aside Republicans. They bear responsibilities as well. That was the whole point of my exchange this morning with Senator Cruz because they’re the ones who are ducking that responsibility and become complicit in all these shootings,” he added shamefully.

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